Worx WG793E Landroid Lawn Mower uporabniški priročnik

Uporabniški priročnik za napravo Worx WG793E Landroid Lawn Mower

Worx WG793E Landroid Lawn Mower uporabniški priročnik

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Installation guide EN P04Installationsanleitung D P18Guide d'installation F P32Guida d'installazione I P46Guía de instalación ES P60Installationsvejledning DK P74Asennusopas FIN P88Installasjonsguide NOR P102Monteringshandbok SV P116

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How to install your Landroid®L4ENThe installation of the Landroid®L is easy. Depending on the size of your garden, the entire process only takesa short amount of time. If your are like us, you hate having to waste your precious free time mowing your lawn.The Landroid®L will prove to be your best investment eliminating the need to mow your lawn ever again.You can watch the installation demo video at www.worxlandroid.com.The Landroid®L loves to mowIt is designed to mow often, maintaining a hea

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PreparationIn the boxCharging base6 Baseretentionpegs9 Spare blades(3 kits)250BoundaryPegsPower cordwith AC/DCtransformerLandroid®LBoundarywire reel 200m5ENOwner’s manualInstallationguideProgramming andtrouble shootingguideWarrantystatementDistance gaugeHex keyFrom your shedScissorsHammer

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Landroid®L's new home-your gardenLet's start by having a closer look at Landroid®L's new home—your lawn—highlighting the areas where it can safelygo and areas it’s best for Landroid®L to avoid.Obstacles that can be hitWhen hitting any obstacle that’s rigid, stable and taller than15cm—such as a wall or a fence—your Landroid®L will simplystop and re-direct away from the obstacle.6ENStonesStones that are heavy enough not to be moved by yourLandroid®L can be safely hit. However, if

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Depressions and bumpsIn the case of large bumps or dips, please consider if the bladescould touch the ground; if this is the case, either make theinclines smoother or exclude those areas from your Landroid®L’soperation.35% (20°)7ENSlopesYour Landroid®L has the ability to safely climb slopes up to 35%(20°), so just avoid anything steeper than this.avoided in order not to damage the roots.ry wireupper boundawireIf there are roots emerging from the ground, this area should beLower boundaryWir

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Marking out Landroid®L’sterritory within your gardenYour Landroid®L needs to know where to mow. This is why you have to mark its working area with a boundarywire that will form an invisible fence. This wire will also guide your Landroid®L to its charging base.If your neighbor also uses a Landroid®L, then you must keep a space of at least 2metres between your BoundaryWire and your neighbors.Please be aware that your Landroid®L will not be able to receivea signal from the Boundary Wire beyo

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If your lawn has two or more separate areas connected to eachother by means of a corridor, this should be at least 1 meters wide.9ENIf your lawns are not connected by a corridor that's wide enough,then you'll have to pick your Landroid®L up and move it to the otherlawn. Landroid®L will mow this lawn no problem, but you'll have tobring it back to the charging base when the battery runs out.In the case of two islands that are close to each other, it would beA forbidden area that's close to the m

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InstallationPegging your boundary wireWe recommend that you first mow the lawn where the wire is to be laid using a normal lawn mower or a grasstrimmer. This ensures that the wire is laid as close to the ground as possible so the Landroid®L does not accidentallycut the wire. The boundary wire is powered with a very low voltage so that it is totally safe to human beings andpets.1Place the Charging Base in its designated spot, without fixing itpermanently. The “IN” arrow should be oriented so

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4When laying the boundary wire,use the distance gauge to keep a45cm* space between the wireand the boundary. However, inthe case of an obstacle that islevel with ground and safe for theLandroid®L to run over, such as adriveway or sidewalk, then only a10cm* space is needed.Each boundary peg should beplaced around 80cm apart.Knock the boundary pegs tight tothe ground with the help of thehammer, although avoid puttingtoo much pressure on the wire.Keep the boundary wire straightand tight between th

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Connect the base to the boundary wire1Cut the two ends of the wire to a length that’s appropriateconvenient for reaching the clamps.Strip the two ends of the wire.2INWhen connecting to the charging base there will be an IN-wireand an OUT-wire, as shown. Connect the IN-wire to the redclamp of the charging base and the OUT-wire to the black clamp.Then close the cover.OUT12ENOUTININOUT

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3You can now permanently fix the charging base on the groundby tightening the supplied Base Retention Pegs with thesupplied Hex key.Note: Make sure the IN-wire is running straight throughthe tunnel underneath the charging base.4abConnect the power cord to the transformer and then to the ACelectrical socket, the LED on the charging base will turn on. Ifthe LED is off, please refer to the Trouble shooting guide.Whenconnecting, align the notch on the power cord connector (a)with the groove on the t

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2Open the keypad windowby pressing the ACCESSbutton on the top of yourLandroid®L.Press and hold down thePower ON/OFFkeyuntil the Landroid L turns on.®Press thekey and closethe keypad window: yourLandroid®L will now find itsway to the charging base.Watch the Landroid®L as itreturns to the charging baseand modify the positioningof the boundary wire ifnecessary. When theLandroid®L successfullyreturns to the charging base,this means the installation hasbeen successfully completed!Now your Landr

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ProgrammingHaving finished the installation, it is now time to program the Landroid®L when you want it to go to work by using the keypaddisplay shown below. Please refer to the Programming and Troubleshooting Guide included in the packaging.You could find more details about default work time of Landroid®L in following table:Landroid®L WG795E - Auto mowing time schedule.Area m2Auto mowingruntime-hoursMondaymowinghoursTuesdaymowinghoursWednesdaymowinghoursThursdaymowinghoursFridaymowinghoursSat

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Ready to go?The Landroid®L is designed for maintaining your grass at a perfect length during the season, but is not designed for deforesting ajungle.Before starting it for the first time,1. You should mow your lawn to the desired height.2. Make sure the operating area is clear from objects such as toys and branches...3. Adjust the cutting height to its maximum level for the first mow and then adjust to your preferred lawn grass height.4035453050162555EN6020Next Spring, let your Landroid®L star

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Keep it sharpAlways wear gloves when adjusting the blades.1234Each blade of your Landroid®L has 4 cutting edges. Depending on the frequency the Landroid®Lmows your lawn, the cutting blades will need to be flipped/rotated periodically for a new cutting edge.If your Landroid®L is programmed to mow the lawn every day then the cutting blades will need tobe rotated monthly for the best mowing results. Each cutting blade will last up to 4 months whenit is programmed to mow every day. When the cutti

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So installieren Sie Ihren Landroid®L18DDie Installation des Landroid®L ist ganz einfach. Je nach Größe Ihres Gartens nimmt der ganze Vorgang nur kurzeZeit in Anspruch. Wahrscheinlich hassen Sie es so wie wir, Ihre kostbare Freizeit damit zu vergeuden, den Rasen zumähen. Der Landroid®L wird garantiert Ihre beste Investition sein, da Sie nun nie mehr den Rasen selbst mähenmüssen.Sie können das Demo-Video zur Installation unter www.worxlandroid.com ansehen.Der Landroid®L liebt das MähenE

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VorbereitungIm LieferumfangLandroid®LLadebasis6 BasisHaltenägel9Ersatzmesser(3 Sätze)250BegrenzungsnägelNetzkabel mitNetzteilBegrenzungskabelrolle200m19DBedienungsanleitungInstallationsanleitungProgrammierungs- undProblemlösungsanleitungGarantieerklärungBegrenzungskabelAbstandlehreInbusschlüsselAus Ihrem SchuppenSchereHammer

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Landroid®L`s neues Zuhause–Ihr GartenLassen Sie uns zunächst einen Blick auf das neue Zuhause IhresLandroid®L werfen: Ihren Garten. Betrachten wir unsinsbesondere die Stellen, die der Landroid®L problemlosbefahren kann – und welche er besser meiden sollte.Hindernisse, die zu Kollisionen einladenBei festen, stabilen Hindernissen, die höher als 15cm sind (wieMauern oder Zäune) hält Ihr Landroid®L einfach an und fährt ineine andere Richtung.20DSteineSteine, die so schwer sind, dass sie