Worx WG796E Landroid Lawn Mower uporabniški priročnik

Uporabniški priročnik za napravo Worx WG796E Landroid Lawn Mower

Worx WG796E Landroid Lawn Mower uporabniški priročnik

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Lawn Mowing RobotENP02Roboter-RasenmäherDP16Robot de fauchage à pelouseFP30Robot tosaerbaIP44SLP58Robot za košnjo traveWG796E

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ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONSTABLE OF CONTENTS1. Product Safety1.1 Safety Warnings for your lawnmower1.2 Information on the Landroid®M3352. Component list63. Understanding Your Landroid®M3.1 How does my Landroid®M know what to mow?3.2 How does my Landroid®M know where to go? A. Finding the charging base B. Rain sensors C. Sensing the boundary wire D. Starting and stopping while mowing3.3 How big an area can my Landroid®M mow?3.4 How efficiently will my Landroid®M mow the grass?2889999910104. Smart

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1. Product Safety1.1 Safety warnings for your lawnmowerWARNING: Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and instructionsmay result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.Carefully read the instructions for the safe operation of the machine.Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mentalcapabilities, or lack of experience and know

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a) Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the appliance is in safe working condition;b) Inspect the robotic lawnmower each week and replace worn or damaged parts for safety;c) Check especially that the blades and blade disc are not damaged. Replace all blades and screws at the same time ifnecessary so that the rotating parts are balanced.d) Ensure that only replacement cutting means of the right type are used;e) Ensure that batteries are charged using the correct charger recommended by

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1.2 Information on the Landroid®MWARNING - Robotic lawnmower can be dangerous if incorrectly used.Read through the Operator’s manual carefully and understand the content before using your roboticlawnmower.WARNING - Keep a safe distance from the machine when operating.WARNING - Operate the disabling device before working on or lifting the machine.WARNING - Do not ride on the machine.5Do not burnBatteries may enter water cycle if disposed improperly, which can be hazardous for ecosystem. Do not

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2. Component List2156783411101261691814131719152021222324Lawn Mowing Robot 25EN

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3. Understanding Your Landroid®MWe would like to congratulate you on your new purchase of the Landroid®M and entering into the care-free life of automaticmowing. In the following, we would like to help you better understand how your Landroid®M thinks.3.1 How does my Landroid®M know what to mow?8The Landroid®M chooses its direction at random. It will make sure your entire lawn is evenly mowed without leavingbehind any unattractive mowing paths (See Fig. A).ALawn Mowing Robot EN

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3.2 How does my Landroid®Mknow where to go?Your Landroid®M is capable of doing things on its own. TheLandroid®M knows when it needs to go to its Charging Base (4)to charge, can sense when it is raining, can stop itself if it sensesa problem, and knows to stop, draw back, and then turn aroundwhen it bumps into something blocking its path or other object. TheLandroid®M will also automatically stop its Blade Turning Disc (13)from rotating if it is lifted off the ground to prevent an accident.A.

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If the Landroid®M senses that something is wrong, it will display a fault message on the Display (17), and will turn itself offif it does not receive any input from the user within 20 min (for information on fault messages refer to the Programmingand Troubleshooting Guide).To resume:Scene 1: STOP –Auto Shutdown after 20 mins• Open the Control Panel Cover• Press the ON/OFF Key (19) to ON• Press 0 key to correct the problem• Press START button again and Close the Control Panel Cover•

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4. Smart phone controlYour Lanroid®M(WG796E) could be connected to smart phone. All the general settings could be set on your phone. It willalso show the current working status, even errors. For the details settings, please refer to the Landroid Wifi ConnectionGuide.5. Boundary Wire Basics5.1 Pegging the Boundary WireUse the Boundary Wire Distance Gauge (24) to set the correctdistance from the border of your lawn (More than 35cm *).* This is the recommended distance. Use the provided distancega

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6. Software updateYour Landroid®M software can be updated when new versionsbecome available. The software version will be showed in the display.The manual in box is based on the default software in the massproduction. Some new features/functions in the new version may notexist in the manual. If you found some settings not in the manual,please visit www.worxlandroid.com. to download the latest manual.You can check the software version installed on your machine bypressing the ON/OFF button.The la

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provided with your Landroid®M. Spare blades are also available at your nearest WORX retailer.A. Rotate and flip the bladesYour Landroid®M carries the Blades that are all screwed onto the Blade Turning Disc (13). The Blades allow theLandroid®M do its job and need care and attention. Every once in awhile, you should simultaneously rotate and flip allblades for a perfect cut. When rotating and flipping the Blades, make sure all the Blades are adjusted at the same timeor else it could make the Bl

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7.3 Battery lifeThe heart of the Landroid®M is its 28-volt lithium-ion battery.No maintenance is required. For proper storage of the battery,make sure it is fully charged in kept in a cool dry place between(20°C-60°C).The life-span of the Landroid®M’s battery depends on variousfactors, such as:• The time span of the mowing season in your region.• Amount of hours the Landroid®M mows per day.• Battery maintenance during storage.21Landroid®M can be charged manually without theboundary

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POEnvironmental ProtectionWaste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist.Check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.Plug Replacement (UK & Ireland Only)If you need to replace the fitted plug then follow the instructions below.IMPORTANTThe wires in the mains lead are colored inaccordance with the following code:Blue – NeutralBrown – LiveAs the colors of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not

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BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNGINHALT161. Sicherheitsvorschriften1.1 Allgemeine Sicherheitshinweise für Elektrowerkzeuge1.2 Informationen zum Landroid®M1717192. Komponenten203. Wissenswertes zu Ihrem Landroid®M3.1 Wie weiß mein Landroid®M, wo er mähen soll?3.2 Wie weiß mein Landroid®M,wohin er fahren soll? A. Ladebasis finden B. Regensensor C. Begrenzungskabel erkennen D. Beim Mähen stoppen und wieder starten3.3 Welche Fläche kann mein Landroid®M mähen?3.4 Wie gut mäht der Landroid®M das Gras?

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1. Sicherheitsvorschriften1.1 Allgemeine Sicherheitshinweise für ElektrowerkzeugeWARNUNG: Lesen Sie alle Sicherheitshinweise und Anweisungen. Versäumnisse bei derEinhaltung der Sicherheitshinweise und Anweisungen können elektrischen Schlag, Brand und/oder schwere Verletzungen verursachen.Lesen Sie die Bedienungsanleitung zum sicheren Betrieb des Gerätes aufmerksam durch.Bewahren Sie alle Sicherheitshinweise und Anweisungen für die Zukunft auf.• Dieses Gerät ist nicht zur Verwendung durch

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WARTUNG UND AUFBEWAHRUNGWARNUNG! Wenn der Rasenmäher umgedreht wird, muss der Netzschalter stets ausgeschaltetwerden.Der Netzschalter muss bei allen Arbeiten am Unterbau des Rasenmähers ausgeschaltet werden,beispielsweise bei der Reinigung oder beim Wechseln der Klingen.a) Den festen Sitz aller Schrauben, Muttern und Bolzen sicherstellen um zu gewährleisten, dass sich der Rasenmäher ineinem betriebssicheren Zustand befindet;b) Den WORX Landroid®M einmal pro Woche kontrollieren und eventuell

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1.2 Informationen zum Landroid®MWARNUNG–Rasenmähroboter können bei inkorrekterVerwendung gefährlich sein.Lesen Sie die Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig durch und verstehen Sie deren Inhalt, bevor SieIhrenRasenmähroboter betreiben.WARNUNG- Halten Sie einen Sicherheitsabstand zu Unbeteiligten ein.WARNUNG –Betätigen Sie die Deaktivierungsvorrichtung, bevor Sie am Gerät arbeiten oder die Maschineanheben.WARNUNG–RASENMÄHROBOTER darf nicht als Transportmittel missbraucht werden.19Nicht im

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2. Komponenten21567834111012201691814131719152021222324Roboter-Rasenmäher 25D